- Heraclitus, 500 BC

As a communications agency we are faced with continuous transformation. We believe that actively sharing experiences between like-minded organizations is the only way to stay ahead of the game.

Are you in?



We believe that change is the only constant in customer behavior. To stay relevant...

We are... ever-adapting

Change drives us to do things differently, to to be different, to build a different agency.
To create value we must follow our target audience's behavior and adapt accordingly.

We are... ambitious

We strive for constant enrichment, of ourselves, of the trade, of the world. To have impact, to embrace change. We are never satisfied with a status quo.

We are... adventurous

Tomorrow's problems can only be solved by today's stubborn spirits. Those creative and adventurous enough to break through traditional dogmas and dare to dream without boundaries. They will define the future and make history.

We are... persistent

Delete it, change it, get stuck, come up with the same idea but different, change it again, bite off more than you can chew, and then create that one brilliant thing. If it ever gets easy, we are doing something wrong.

We are... open

We believe that the most beautiful creations emerge out of human interaction. We want to explore uncharted marketing territory together with like-minded professionals from around the globe. It will increase both our chances of survival when something along the way tries to eat us.

We are... Wijs. And we want to talk with you!


the Socratic Talk

The Greek philosopher Socrates was the first to understand that wisdom is transmitted through speech. We expand our mind by talking to each other. So we invented the Socratic talk.

One hour of interchanging ideas, knowledge, frustrations and success stories.
About marketing, communication and business. Over a glass of beer, a box of chocolates or just a plain cup of coffee. Our objective is to return to our respective offices as wiser (wo)men.

Talking points

Talking is never a waste of time, so don't hold back. Really. We came up with some conversation starters but feel free to completely ignore them. 


What is the 'new' agency's role? Can or should marketing influence business strategy? Do you believe in functioning as the single, central marketing partner? How do you deal with niche marketing expertise?


How should results be measured? How should brands behave in an increasingly digital age? How do you apply creativity? Are you too obsessed with / not focusing enough on traffic and conversion statistics? How do you define marketing ROI? 


Which organizational models allow the highest levels of creativity? Which skills should be integrated in one team? How can you stimulate multidisciplinary teamwork? Who coaches who, and how?


How do you market your agency? Do you sell man hours or value? How much do you invest in pre-sales? Who is your favorite client and why? How do you set your hourly rates? How can your sales be optimized?


We are Wijs

Wijs is a team of 90 creative natives, striving to have an impact on the world from the charming city of Ghent, Belgium. We help businesses to better understand their customers. We translate those strategic insights into campaigns and platforms generating measurable results. Just ask companies like Belfius, Microsoft, BMW, Leonidas, VISITFLANDERS and Atlas Copco.

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